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  • How many vines/rootstock are you caring for?
    We planted roughly 5000 vines on 1 ha of land: - 2000x Sangiovese clone F9 on rootstock 110R. - 1000x Sangiovese clone CH22 on rootstock 1103P. - 1500x Syrah clone 174 on rootstock 1103P. - 500x Petit Verdot on rootstock 110R.
  • How much wine are you producing?
    We get on average one bottle per vine, sometimes more in good years, sometimes less in bad ones (due to hail, spring frost, etc.). This means we are able to produce around 3000 bottles of May (Sangiovese), 1500 bottles of Dan (Syrah), and 500 bottles of Ali (Petit Verdot).
  • Why is the wine produced in Italy but sold in Switzerland?
    My roots and my land are in Italy, but I live and work in Switzerland. After the wine has been bottled, I import most of the production to Switzerland and sell it from here, which is easier for me.
  • How much are you involved in the wine production?
    I travel to Umbria several times per year to follow in person the most important phases of the production, e.g. winter pruning, green selection, harvest, and bottling. My cousin Wolfgang Giannò takes care of most of the agronomical work, while my friend Fabrizio Fimiani takes care of transforming the grapes into delicious drops of pleasure.
  • Do you plan to expand production?
    We just started selling and marketing the wine in Summer 2021. Depending on how things go, we may decide to expand production. We have already started renting a small existing organic field of Pinot Noir, so expect more products in the years to come. Also, I'm sure my wife would love to have some bubbles dedicated to her... :)
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